Saturday, November 1, 2008

Injection day

Yesterday Chloe went for routine medical check-up and guess what? Injection time... At first she was very excited to go to the hospital coz they have a nice playing area. Moreover every time she went to the hospital, she will get all the attention from the nurses and patient... Chloe likes to attract attention from strangers. She will smile and wave at them until they notice her.
However yesterday was different... By the time we are in the hospital, not only she didn't greet strangers, she was sitting on a table and play on her own... ops maybe because there were a lot of people in the waiting room. Then came a big size girl and snatch away the toy that she was playing with... how rude. Nevertheless my baby didn't give in and push the girl away. Ok, that is enough. I pull Chloe away from the table so that she won't hurt herself in a fight.
Suddenly the nurse called out Chloe's name. It's her turn! I pushed her into the doctor's room and the doctor just said
'She is 19 months now. Time really flies. Ok let's give her 2 injections today'
Huh? 2 injections? Can she handle it? What injection is that?
'Well I would recommend her to take prevenar and Hib booster this time since she miss one of it last month'
Well, yeah, she misses it because she was hospitalized for high fever and right now she has to take two

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