Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Party Theme

I am planning for a Christmas party this year and thought whether it can replace the fun that Chloe at her first birthday party. As she was too young during that time, I wanted to keep it short and simple but memorable. A few pointers that I noted when I was organizing the party:
1) Invite the number of guests that match your child's age so that they can mix around. At least that is what Chloe did.
2) Fewer guests can make for a more manageable party.
3) Kids love to play with their food. Lucky for me, I had a friend who suggested me to this nice restaurant where they allow people to held party. After the party, it was a total disaster in the restaurant as the kids throw their food around, knocking things down etc. Sorry to the restaurateurs for the mess
4) Don't hire a clown if there is infant/toddler around. I make a mistake here. In the midst of joyful party, the clown turned up to give away balloons. A handful of the kids started to cry when they saw the clown. I quickly have to ask the clown to leave so that we can have a peaceful party.
Do leave a note about your experience organizing your child's birthday party.

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