Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gardening with Chloe

It's gardening time! Or rather 'leaf/flower picking' time for Chloe. I know how much kids likes to try out new things and that is what this blog is about. They love to play in the dirt, water plants and watch their favourite foods growing right before their little amazed eyes.
Tips to help your toddler with gardening
1) Choose foods they like
Tomatoes, Apples.... As long as they can pick the tomatoes or apples before it is even ripe
2) Child-size gardening tools
Err... You can skip this part because whether it is child-size tools or not, they will still grab the tools that you are using.
3) Start your garden with seeds
This is a must because they can throw the seeds in the garden (if you are lucky) or in the house
4) Garden care and upkeep
Oh, they will always look forward to this time because it is the time when they can play with the water in the garden
5) Time for pickin'
You don't have to tell them when the time is. From my experience, everyday is a good day to pick. Leaf, flower you just name it....


Ali said...

Thanks for stopping by henry's treehouse. Your gardening post makes me want a garden very badly! We are currently living in a condo, and I very much look forward to the day that we have our own house with our own lawn so that I can garden with my children!

Tracey McBride said...

I love your gardening post! It reminds me of when we had our "secret" garden on the side of the house...the kids planted everything and watered it and watched it grow! When I first suggested it my older daughter (age 7 at the time) said to me..."Mommy, how did you know?" I asked her "How did I know...what?"
Her reply...
"How did you know I always wanted to be a farm girl?!"

Okay, probably a lot cuter to me than everyone else, but this was from a little girl who was born and raised in Orange County, a little city girl.

Just had to say how much I love what you're doing with your daughter. You'll really appreciate it later (and so will daughter is now grown up at 22--luckily my 16 y/o is still a momma's girl, but not a gardener). Thanks again.

Activities@home said...

Ali, I am looking forward to see your own garden

Thanks for sharing the story of your secret garden. It is cute to hear that from a city girl. I do love what I am doing with my daughter. TQ