Sunday, November 9, 2008

Potty training - she did it!

Today is just my day. Chloe ask me take the potty out and she sits on it. This time with positive result. I had known that she started to feel her bowel movement a month ago but due to her phobia whenever she saw a potty, she will just run away. I had read many articles about how to potty train and patiently I waited for the time to come. Not to forget the Japanese animation that I shared before for potty trainer.

Some ABC of potty training extracted from ParentCenter
A. Assess your child's readiness — and your own
B. Buy the right equipment
C. Create a routine
D. Demonstrate for your child
E. Explain the process
F. Foster the habit
G. Grab some training pants
H. Handle setbacks gracefully
I. Introduce night training
J. Jump for joy — you're done!

Right now, Chloe is celebrating her success by humming the Japanese potty training song.

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Farrah said...

YEAH! My 2.5 year old did it for awhile the beginning of this year and then STOPPED! Not pushing her though but I wish she'd get back into it, SOOO tired of

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