Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Countdown to Christmas

It is time to prepare for Christmas. After all the fun and mess making bread with Chloe, I was thinking about allowing her to try out making Christmas cut out cookies. Baking bread and cookies with kids are very different. I am not particular about how the bread looks like but I am very particular when it comes to cookie. I mean who would want to try a cookie that looks like shit. Ok, there should be a warning sign that I need to be aware regarding baking activities with toddler.

WARNING: Baking with toddler is not for parents who likes clean kitchen, who dislike flour in their hair or who are actually trying to make cut out Christmas cookies to give away or serve to people!


A Toddler's Guide to Making Christmas Cookies

Tip #1: Taste the Dough Whenever Possible
"I am going to shove a piece of cookie dough in my mouth to taste whether it is yummy or not. If not yummy, maybe I can spice it up with my saliva"
Tip #2: Make a Play-Doh out of the cookie dough
“I was thinking about pressing the dough with my Play Doh pump”
Tip #3: You Can Never Have Enough Flour
"There is never enough flour on the table, on the dough on the cookie cutters, on mommy, on me, on the floor...... I am going to make sure there is plenty of flour everywhere."
Tip #4: Cookie Dough and Play-Doh Are the Same
"I am going to decorate the cookie with my Play Doh. It will be very delicious”
Tip #5: Use the Roller to Make Music
“I can make really loud music with the cookie roller"
Tip #6: Cookie Cutters Don't Work

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