Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jumping into the pool

Chloe's vocabulary has grown tremendously since the past one month. I am so happy that she can express herself very well. She is so talkative that she will sing and talk all day.

When we bring her to the park, she will show me flower, tree, coconut, ball etc. There hasn't been any challenge bringing her to the park until now. There is a public pool near the park that we stay and sometimes we will bring her in to watch other kids swimming.

Yesterday when we were getting closer to the swimming pool, she kept saying that she wanted to swim. I am not a good swimmer and my husband does not swim at all. Worse still, she didn't want to go home unless she can go into the water.

I was speechless and nothing seems to be able to stop her from going into the water. I gave in as always.... Admittedly I am too soft with her.

Since it was not too deep, I let her got used to the water by putting her feet down and hope that she will back out due to the cold water.... arggh but she enjoyed the cold water so much that she decided to jump into the pool!

So there she was, wet and cold but happy. For other swimmer that uses the pool, sorry that she wasn't wearing swimming suits. Will bring along next time.

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