Sunday, November 9, 2008

Radio-controlled car

She should stop playing with cars. She is a little girl! I say to my beloved hubby.

I don't know when I begin to think that car is for boys only. Admittedly I shouldn't stop Chloe from playing with her favourite toys. Regrets that I threw away a radio-control car that I got from a friend because of Chloe's obsession, I bought a radio-control car from Tamiya's Lightning McQueen (from the cartoon 'Cars').

The moment I brought it home, she asked me to let her play with it. It was rather a plug and play car where you need to install the wheel and casing. Since I was a dummy when it comes with problem with the car, I decided to ask my husband to install the machine.

Chloe patiently watched while I just continued with my household chores. Initially Chloe was playing with the controller and maneuvers the car around the living room. Then she started to play with the parts by dismantle and install it again.

I was amazed that she shows such a strong interest with the car. I guess I need to let her grow by her interest.

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