Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Playing piano

Me: Chloe is playing with my keyboard again!
Hubby: Maybe she is just talented or she loves it. Do you want to consider sending her for piano class?
Me: She is just a kid! (ha, it is time for me to use this phase against my hubby)

Whether Chloe is a genius or not, I don't like to force her into learning something when she is not ready. Ok, except for number recognition. I know that with the rapid development, the pressure for kids to reach a certain milestones is high. But what is the fun of learning when they cannot learn at their own pace. I will try to keep that in mind.


Creative Junkie said...

well, I can definitely speak to being forced into something when I wasn't interested. I was forced into playing piano for YEARS when I was younger. I hated every single minute of it and to this day, even after years and years of lessons when I was young, I can't play one note on the piano. I honest to God think I have mentally blocked it out.

Activities@home said...

Andy, sorry to hear about your experience. At least we learn our lesson to become a better mom :)