Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Brand New Year

Wow, it is December. I am so excited except for the part where I am getting older. This year has been a rough one for us. My husband and I had gone through a lot of ups and downs. We lost a couple of loves one (whom I still miss very dearly) and struggling through career and financial uncertainty.
Although we are still struggling thought the ocean waves, we pray that things will get better next year. No matter how tough the challenges are, we always have faith as Chloe is walking side by side with us.
To prepare for New Year, I had baked some cookies and in the process of learning how to decorate a cake which I hope Chloe will love it. Check this out.


Creative Junkie said...

omgosh, how cute are they?!?

Kate said...

Wow, those are great. I wish I was really into cake decorating. My mom is and she is quite the decorator now. It definitely takes practice.