Thursday, December 4, 2008


Chloe has started to be very rebellious. She likes to yell, say 'No!' to every questions that you ask, bang on the door and cry loudly in the mall. I tried very hard to keep my temper and sometimes wonder whether I am a good mother or not.

Are all parents facing the same problems? Spanking or not? Scolding or not? What is the best way to educate a toddler? For all parents out there, do feel free to share your parenting tips here.

Hopefully positive parenting will helps.

Oh yes, something meaningful that I would like to share with all.

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Baby Darren said...

a very touching video clip.

It's never easy to bring up/discipline a child. Now you find her difficult, there will be more to come. Heard of terrible 2, horrible 3? Hahaha

I used to disagree on spanking but to certain stage/limit, I do hit his hand. But no matter what, DO NOT USE SPANKING TO RELEASE YOUR ANGER.

A long way to go...happy parenting!