Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Green tomato

Finally several months of watering, playing and plucking the leaves (which is Chloe's favourite), the tomato plant that Chloe planted has bear some fruit. It is still green but I do hope that it will turn out to be beautiful plump healthy tomatoes

Some tips on growing tomato plant
1) They need sufficient sunlight and plenty of moisture
2) You can enrich the soil by adding homemade compost.
3) Water the plants once in two days.
4) If the shoot is too soft, tie it to a wood so that it will grow vertically.
Finally make sure that your kids do not pluck the leaves before the tomatoes is ripe otherwise the tree will look rather funny


Annette Piper said...

You put my gardening efforts to shame! Good on you for growing something edible ;)

Creative Junkie said...

Looking good!

I told my husband that I'd love to plant tomato plants next year ... I'm sick of paying a fortune for them in the grocery store.