Monday, December 22, 2008

Brainy Baby

Today I am going to present a very special gift to one of the great inventor.... 'TV' (The Vicious). He is the most notorious crook I ever know where he brain wash children's mind with whatever he screen from the black box. He allow the kids to get attached to him so that kids will not listen to mom when she is talking.

Mom, I want Bonnie Bear, I want Tillie Knock Knock, I want Bloop and Loop...

That is what Chloe will say whenever she saw TV. Today I decided to allow her to watch something different. Shapes and colour, from Brainy Baby... Hei, she doesn't have to watch TV for that right?

"Chloe why don't mommy play with you. We don't have to watch TV for shapes and colour. We can play with our blocks. Just you and me."

"NO! I want TV. I want to learn with TV! I WANT TV!"

"Don't you want to play with mommy? Or maybe we can visit Carrie (Chloe's play date) and play with her."

"NO! I don't want mommy. I don't want Carrie. I WANT TV!"

That is how 'The Vicious' impacted our lives.

1 comment:

Baby Darren said...

Same here. Darren will switch on the tv the minute he wakes up until he goes to bed again. Sigh...I used to control him but this 2 months I have been slacking...

Somehow with the tv on, he disturb me less. Wonder how can we control the time they spent on tv.