Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Father's Love

I am back after a series of sore throat, high fever and nausea. I guess too much turkey makes you sick. Luckily my hubby is on vacation due to company shutdown and he had been helping me with all the household chores and the most important is taking care of Little Chloe.

For the past weeks I was impressed by the patience that my hubby showed towards Chloe. He bath her, feed her, cook for us and did all the cleaning. I felt so bad because I was in the bed and he had been taking my role at home.

Most of the time, we will keep telling ourselves that a mother's love is unconditional. In this case, I will say that a father's love is irreplaceable. From my hubby, Chloe learned to be tough and independent. He taught her the meaning of family, standing by our side during shine and rain.

I would like to share this touching story about a father's love with all. Enjoy.

"One day, a son asks his dad "Daddy, would you like to run a marathon with me?". The father says "yes".
And they run their first marathon together.
Another time, the son asks his dad again "Daddy, would you like to run a marathon with me?". The father says "yes son".
One day, the son asks his father " Daddy, would you run the Ironman with me?"
The Ironman is the most difficult triathlon ever ( 4 kms swimming, 180 kms bikin, 42 km running? )
And the dad says "yes".

Check this out"

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Creative Junkie said...

I have seen Team Hoyt's story several times and each and every time, it just chokes me up.

It's hard to put into words what they make me feel. They are simply awe inspiring.

And a true testament to unconditional love.

Baby Darren said...

The video brings tears in my eyes...Parents love is the greatest love of all...

It is def a good bonding time for the daddy and daughter for the past week. Glad u've recovered now...