Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sick Spell

Lord Voldemort had return with great revenge. Being a great muggle fan of Harry Potter, I had hide the Philosopher's Stone which I found in Chloe's toy box.

Evil  Voldemort found about my secret from his Death Eater and cast a sick spell to me and Little Chloe during Christmas. Initially he just cast fever spell on me but after I recovered, he took revenge on Chloe.

Harry tried to protect me by counter attack his spell but unfortunately Voldemort is too powerful and cast a food poisoning spell on me until I was too weak and had to be hospitalized.

In an effort to save me and other muggles from Voldemort sick spell, Harry surrendered himself to Voldemort. I feel so guilty and helpless.

SOS to Ron, Hermione! Can you guys please help Harry and all the muggles from the sick spell?

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Creative Junkie said...

I am Harry Potter fan - this was too cute!

Hope you're all feeling better!