Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rabbit Farm

Chloe's first rabbit experience came as a surprise. One of my close friend had just invited us to her rabbit farm.

I loves rabbit very much. When I was young I used to care for a couple of rabbits. I will bath them (even when they hate it very much), I will feed them until they are too full to move and I will talk to them as if they will listen.

OK, admittedly I don't have gentle caring style towards rabbit when I was young but nevertheless they managed to survive a few birthday before they said farewell.

I was so excited when my friend invited Chloe to her farm. Chloe who had never seen rabbit before keep on hopping around the house when I packed her things. Hopefully she will be very gentle towards the rabbit.

When we reached her house, Chloe as always show a cute little girl character towards my friend. Her seems shy and quiet style amazed my friend. "Wait till she shows her true colour", my little heart said.

We had tea and scone which I made, chat over the coffee table while Chloe sat quietly beside me. Then the interesting or rather embarrassing moment began. We walked over to the rabbit farm and Chloe started to become while. She was squatting near the friendly rabbit looking at the strange creature and started to pat its back. Suddenly she hit the rabbit so hard that the rabbit started to hop away.

Chloe as mischievous as always started to run after the rabbit and tried her soccer practice by kicking the rabbit. I was shock and speechless. At that time, my friend was away and I had a good talk with Chloe to make sure she understand the rules or else it was the end of the trip.

When my friend came back with a few more rabbits, Chloe gentlely stroke their back and start to behave like an angel. What a child!


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Creative Junkie said...

omgosh, that photo is so cute!