Monday, January 19, 2009

Stop War

Lately in the international front, Israel war against Hamas has been frontline. More than a thousand residents had been killed in the war which include children. I am very dishearten seeing how this barbaric action can still exist in today's world.

P1190079I teach Chloe in a way that she will loves others like the way she loves her teddy bear. Today when she saw the news about the war and children who are injured, she asked "Mommy, what is wrong with the baby?"

"They are injured, baby. Painful."

"Why are they injured? What is that? Very loud sound" she asked about the rocket fire shown in the TV

"It is the sound of war. Everyone is unique and sometimes people may disagree. When this disagreement involved a nation, sometimes they fight in a war and causes the children to be hurt."

"Why do they want to fight? Don't they love each other? Why didn't they say sorry and forgive each other"

"I don't know dear. Why don't we just lend a hand by donating to the children? What do you think?" trying to divert Chloe's attention from this complicated world.

"Mommy can I give them my teddy bear? Teddy will make them happy and painless"

"That's a great idea"

"Mommy, can I build a big car for them? They can drive here and play with me" starting to pack her teddy bear and Lego.

"Sure baby"

"Can they sleep with me then?"

..... I am speechless. I just wish that the real world is as simple as a child's world. What is your take in this situation?

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