Monday, February 23, 2009

Magnet Hide and Seek

Chloe has been asking me to let her play with some of the magnets that my hubby stick on the refrigerator. Her favourites are mainly New York yellow cabbie and Holland windmill. I always refused because she might break the magnet and cut herself as it was made from ceramic.

MPj03854650000[1]Today I allow her to play the magnet but in a different way. I take out 3 of my metal pots with lids and the cute New York yellow cabbie magnet and put them on the floor. I put it inside one of the pots or under a lid. Then I ask Chloe to look in each pot to find the magnet. She was having fun because she is so eager to find the magnet. After a few rounds, I let her take a turn hiding the magnet while I look for it.

Guess what, she hides the magnet behind her and I am not able to find the magnet. How can a 2 years old girl cheat in a hide and seek game?

Supplies Needed-
- pots with lids
- a colorful magnet

- If you have three pots, then count the pots!
- If you have different colored pots, then talk about the colors
- Talk about the different sizes of the pots too!

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Creative Junkie said...

That's a very cute idea!

Annette Piper said...

Isn't she a clever little cookie!!!