Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reading is fun

Reading to Chloe is the single most valuable thing I can do. Why? It is just a wonderful way to bond with her. When she was just an infant, she will just smile and flip the pages when I read to her. Right now she will read out the word and point to me the physical objects that are shown in the book... I was very delighted to see the connections that we have in reading...

How to Read to your child:

First, be comfortable, cozy and relaxed - both of you. On the other hand, hearing a story can be very calming for a child who is in 'one of those moods'.

Next, make sure your child can see the book the right way up as you read.

For babies and toddlers up to 2 years
Point at pictures and say or ask names of things (depending on age)
Use a slow sing-song voice
Use different voices for different characters - be entertaining
Spend time talking about the pictures before turning the page
Say a name and ask your older baby or toddler to point to the item
Give huge praise each time your child points at and names an object

For 2-4 year-olds
Give your child time to look at the pictures before you read
Ask, 'Where's the...?' 'What's that called?' 'What's she doing?'
Always follow text with your finger as you read
With familiar stories, see if your child can join in or finish phrases
Ask questions like: 'Why did he do that?' 'What happens next?'
Discuss things you both liked/didn't like and why

For 4 year-olds and over (and possibly some 3 year-olds)
As for 2-4 year olds
Ask your child if he can remember the order of events in the story
Try paired reading (sometimes called shared reading)

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