Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alphabet Recipe

I was cranking my head to think of new activities for Chloe until I noted that it was time to teach her A-B-C... I don't believe in pure education. I believe in creativity and the most important thing FUN!!!

I have found 2 fun way of teaching alphabets.

Method 1
Alphabet Cereal or Cookies
Sliced Bread
Peanut Butter, Jam, or Honey

Spread peanut butter, jam or honey on bread with butter knife. Pour some alphabet cereal in a bowl or on a cookie sheet and spread them around. Let your toddler spell his name or other easy word on the bread. Little toddlers can just put random letters on their bread and still have fun.

Method 2
Magnetic alphabets (Playskool magnetic alphabets are durable and just nice for a little child's hands to handle)

Put all the alphabets on the floor or on a table and let your child handle it. When he/she pick up the alphabets, read the alphabets to them. They may not get it the first time but repeat this play everyday and you will see a difference.

Good luck and do feel free to comment on the outcome.

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