Monday, June 8, 2009

Preschool: First Day

Chloe was so excited to know that she is going to school. I had talked about how fun school is, how she can play and learn at school.... I am new when it comes to bringing a child to school. Well, there is always first time right. I browse through the web to make sure that I get this right... trying to make sure that it will be an easy transitioning for Chloe. P6050282

I woke up early in the morning to prepare snacks for her, I packed her bags and make sure she got all her things ready and she was all excited as she watch me. I drove her to school on that day. Talked to her again about the expectation and sang with her so that she will be at ease. When we reached there, suddenly she cried very loud saying that she needs mommy. She asked me to carry her and bring her home.

OMG, I panicked. She cried so loud that my heart broke down. I told her that mommy will be back after her playgroup and teacher will take care of her. However she wouldn't let me go. The teacher advice me to leave the room so that they can take over and I had to leave her crying :(

When I picked her up from her playgroup, she cried again and hang on to me. The teacher told me that she had been keeping an eye on the door the moment I left. She told her teacher that she wanted mommy and home....

That was her first day. How about yours?


Baby Darren said... fact I've just sent Darren to an enrichment class just now - first day and first time without me inside the classroom. Although he has been going to playgroups but all the time I was with him. He is not exempted from all the crying and asking for mommy. I felt heartache too...very much and he seems so pityful looking for me. But i guess we have to endure all these, so that they can learn to be independent. Let's support each other and hope our child will enjoy themselves soon without us around.

Activities@home said...

Thanks for your support.