Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beachday - Starfish sand castle

The fun part about spending time at the beach is building a sand castle. It is easy and fun to build it. Just sand and water (which is unlimited from the sea).
We built several sand starfish (which is also called sea star) in just a few minutes. Here is how:
First, find a nice flat area, out of beach traffic and close enough to the water but not to near to the wave…. The last thing you want is for the wave to destroy the sculpture.

Use a small pile to get some water and water the sand. Make sure the sand is damp enough before building it. Using your hands or a small sand shovel, pile up a mound of damp sand. Make sure you pat it down so that it is firm and stays together. Once you have a nice firm pile, smooth it out to form the body.

Carved out star shapes from the pile. Do remember to carve the edge of the starfish to make it lively.

Using sea shells that are available from the beach create the topping of the starfish and viola… the starfish is ready.

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