Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spring Festival

This Sat, we will be leaving far to the east for another New Year celebration. Don't worry, I am free from Alzheimer. Just that this New Year celebration are rather unique for Chinese. As a Chinese born in Singapore, I will celebrate a number of traditional celebration around the globe from Christmas, Chinese New Year (or Spring Festival), Deepavali (an Indian celebration), Aidilfitri (a Muslim celebration), Easter etc... This is what I called multiracial.

I missed Spring Festival dearly. Not much about all the tradition but rather the opportunity to meet up with my close families. Ops not to forget my in-laws.

Taking about tradition. There are so many superstitions during the New Year period that can drive you crazy. Just name a few:

1) Sweets are eaten to ensure a "sweet" year. If you are diabetic, don't forget to pop in extra pill on that day.

2) Getting a hair-cut in the first lunar month puts a curse on maternal uncles. If you don't like your uncles, get a hair cut.

3) Washing your hair on the first day is considered to be washing away your luck. Hang on to the dirty scalp.

4) Buying a pair of shoes is considered bad luck. Go barefoot when your shoes are spoilt.

5) Avoid clothes in black and white as black is a symbol of bad luck and white is a traditional Chinese funeral colour. No wonder Michael Jackson have been surrounded by so many problems. Bad luck for the black and white guy.

6) Buying books is bad luck. Don't read!

Did I mentioned that this festival ends on the 15th day? Yes, 2 weeks of crazy believes.

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Creative Junkie said...

wow - never knew that about luck!

#5 cracked me up.

DJane said...

WOW, that is kind of cool. I have never heard those before. Do you practice them or should I say avoid doing any of those?

Sabrae Carter said...

have fun! :)

Farrah Kennedy said...

I never heard of these! Looks like I'll have bad luck since I've done pretty much all of them!! EEK!

Farrah from Wife and Mom of 3...